Apr 022013

More and more games are published for Linux and so it’s becoming more important to have a good performance with our beloved system, but some of the Desktop Environemnts can really slow down your gaming experience.

There is an interesting report about this on Phoronix in the article: Gaming/Graphics Performance On Unity, GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and these are their conclusions:

Overall the results were interesting from the range of Linux OpenGL benchmarks conducted under Unity, Unity 2D, GNOME Shell, GNOME Classic, KDE Plasma, and Xfce on Ubuntu 12.04. There are some exceptions, but across the driver configurations the desktops to commonly perform the best were Xfce 4.8 and GNOME Shell The default Unity desktop was a mix in terms of performance across the different OpenGL workloads.

So there are good chance that you can speed up your graphics performance, how ?
Use Fsgamer
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Feb 102013

It’s useful for me to have a transparent terminal in the background that show information from one or more system logs, such as dmesg,messages or get an interactive process status of the system with htop or glances, there are many ways to achieve this, let’s take a look at: xrootconsole, Tilda and Eterm. Continue reading »

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Feb 172012

Gnome 3 has failed to win users over. Unity was so unpopular it wiped out Ubuntu’s lead on Distrowatch and made Linux Mint number one. With the dominant desktop (Gnome) and the dominant distribution (Ubuntu) both failing to set users’ hearts racing we’re reminded once again why we love using Linux – there’s so much choice.

There might even be too much choice. From Fluxbox to XFCE and KDE to MATE there are a vast and confusing selection of desktop environments to work through. Whilst some have looked to move to a lightweight option like XFCE that captures much of the flavour of Linux past with some funky new features (the nice see-through dock at the bottom of the screen on Xubuntu looks really sharp for example) others are looking to the future. In Cinnamon we have a very exciting, beautiful future that you’ll soon be recommending to everyone who’ll listen. Continue reading »

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3 Software to manage your photo on Linux

In this article I’ll do a roundup over a collection of software that can be very useful for all people who have the hobby of photography. They can be really useful if you have a collection of photo and you want to organize them in albums, by date or tags. Most of them have also the option to upload your photo on online [...]

The best articles of October 2011

I’m a bit late this month, but here we go, these are the top 7 of the most read articles from Linuxaria in the month of October, it’s your opportunity to read them if you missed them during last month. 7 – Logcheck: why I love you If you have a server, you probably would [...]