Santoku a new Linux distro focused on Security

I’ve received this article of Jay Turla as guest post, and so I gladly publish it: There’s a new GNU/Linux distro designed to help you in every aspect of your mobile forensics, mobile malware analysis, reverse engineering and security testing. It’s called Santoku Linux. Santoku is a general purpose kitchen knife which originated from Japan, meaning “three virtues” or [...]

Understanding the Top command on Linux

Article by AlexioBash published on his website about ArchLinux in italian. Know what is happening in “real time” on your systems is in my opinion the basis to use and optimize your OS. On ArchLinux or better on GNU/Linux in general the top command can help us, this is a very useful system monitor that is really easy to [...]

How to play Minecraft on Archlinux

Article by AlexioBash published on his website about ArchLinux in italian. Minecraft is one of the most funny and popular games of the moment. It is available for Microsoft platforms and for GNU/Linux. Made in Java relies entirely on its gameplay and not on graphics. The game offers the opportunity to gather resources from any “cube” around you and [...]

Secure Boot: Red Hat and Canonical present their alternatives

Original article by Paul Castagnino, first published on in spanish Secure Boot is a type of mechanism that verifies that the code executed is digitally signed. Thus the computer can only boot an operating system that has a bootloader properly signed. This is a requirement that Microsoft asked to put on computers the badge “Windows 8 [...]

Microsoft lose at the unstoppable power of Linux! Linux 1 – Windows 0!

Article by Giuseppe Sanna The mythology and history tell us of great struggles between sworn enemies. David and Goliath, Caesar and Brutus, Robespierre and Louis XVI are only a few. But for some years now in addition to this huge list we have two big names in the information technology! The multinational Microsoft and the [...]