An introduction to security models in Linux

Today I’m glad to republish an interesting article of Adrian Stolarski first published on Infosec, a great source of information about security. It’s a good summary of the different type of security models that you can have in a Linux system, focused on SELinux, and if you are interested in this topic, be sure to take a […]

Get information on your hardware with hardinfo

On a former article I’ve presented 3 command line commands that you can use to get information on your Linux box: lsusb, lspci and lshw, they are really good and I use the first 2 in a lot of situation where I want to check if all my devices works correctly. Today I’ll propose to […]

Monitoring via IPMI

Original article by in Portuguese Today I’ll talk about a very important type of monitoring that is rarely discussed (perhaps because not so many people are privileged to work with hardware that supports this technology: IPMI). The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a standard used to manage a computer system and monitor its […]

Everything you need to know to become a security expert

Article by Giuseppe Sanna Do you know what you should do to stay away from viruses, bruteforce and all these bad things? There are three possibilities. First, we could not buy a computer or, if you really want to buy it, do not turn it on! or as a last resort (but far less secure) […]

Burn CD/DVD/BluRay on Linux with Silicon Empire

Thank to Gabriele, who in addition to the time he spends for his UbuBox SalentOS he finds and post also some great tools for Linux on his blog Gmstyle . Today we’ll take a look at Silicon Empire a software that can help us in all our Burning operations. Silicon Empire is set of tools […]