The best articles of January & Febraury 2012

Last month I’ve not done this little list of the most read articles for, so now I take this opportunity to see with you for the month of January and February the list of the articles more viewed . 7 – Miro Internet TV: Internet TV for Ubuntu Desktop Miro, a new application for [...]

Ex-cluding Linux

I’m glad to have another post of Tcat Houser editor-in-chief of With Apple’s big announcement for March 7, it seemed appropriate to look at the *NIX derivative BSD on which OS X and IOS are based. Specifically, were going to take on file system. And looking with the skeptical view of how American public [...]

Virtually Speaking

Game changers that show up in life often do not show up in the way and the when we expect them.‭ ‬That often leads us to not accuracy see them for what they are.‭ ‬This is going to be a year of game changing in‭ ‬2012,‭ ‬and most of us do not yet see it. [...]

Synergy! as many PCs as you like with just one keyboard and one mouse!

Article by Giuseppe Sanna If your desk is like mine: you have multiple PCs and Laptops spread over two square meters, but do not worry I have the solution for you! Install Synergy and you’ll just say goodbye, once and for all to the mess! This software, which I emphasize is cross-platform, allows you to [...]

5 types of very annoying Linux users

Original article by Perro, published in Spanish on the site Since I use Linux for several years now I’ve found Linux users of all kinds, having a blog has helped me to identify many types of Linux users. But of all the guys there are some that are very annoying and I will try [...]